The Kremlin + Red Square, Moscow

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Top & Pants: Abercrombie | Shoes: Minnetonka | Watch: Michael Kors | Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

A red brick fort, towers crowned with ruby stars, a medley of medieval churches and cathedrals, tranquil gardens, palaces that house centuries worth of royal treasures - That's the Moscow Kremlin for you. Outside the fort is the Red Square, which is the centre of everything, since all the main streets and highways in Moscow, and all of the roads in Russia, lead to it. 

The GUM, which also faces the Square, is a historic department store/shopping mall, straight out of a storybook. Window shopping is the only kind of shopping I would suggest doing there, unless your net worth is over a $100 million. However, the ice-cream at GUM is paradise, and the eatery called Stolovaya No. 57, where you can feed your Soviet nostalgia, is one of the cheapest in the city. This makes no sense considering the rent they must pay, but who cares, as long as you can fill your tummy with yumminess?!

Not going to lie, I made several trips to the Red Square during my two-month stay, simply because of the vibrancy of the place. It might also be because each time I visit, I see the place in a different light.

I was glad to share the beauty of my hometown, and I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to check out the past few posts and photo diaries from Moscow. Will be back soon, with another post from... Take a wild guess!

Streets of Moscow

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Dress: Abercrombie | Shoes: Superga | Watch: Michael Kors

Just in time for Throwback Thursday! These photos are proof that the streets of Moscow can outshine 10 Paris' and Londons. As much as I like the latter cities, almost 900 years of history, and the grandiosity of every street and every building outweigh the classiness of Paris and the vibrancy of London. If there is one word that describes this city perfectly, it's overwhelming - Overwhelmingly alluring, overwhelmingly vast, overwhelmingly intimidating, and of course, overwhelmingly loveable. I know, I sound like Drake preaching about Toronto, when he doesn't even live here anymore... But I promise Putin didn't pay me to write this. Although, I would've gladly accepted his charitable donations.

What you see here are pictures of a couple of my favourite streets - Old Arbat and Maroseika-Pokrovka. While Old Arbat is a popular spot for tourists, Maroseika-Pokrovka has been renovated recently, so mostly locals know about this gem of a place. If you're an admirer of classical architecture, this is where you need to be!

As for food, it's Chebureki or nothing! I had these delicious, deep-fried, meat-filled turnovers at least three or four times during my stay. Sovietskie Vremena (Soviet Times) is a an excellent Chebureki joint, especially for newbies. The soviet atmosphere enhances the experience. Another place I went to multiple times was a cafe called Shokoladnitsa, which used to be my favourite place to go as a teenager. Sweet, sweet God. The blintz, the eclairs, the shakes, the tea, the HOT CHOCOLATE - they all make up my wildest, sinful gastronomical dreams!

Hope you enjoyed! Still more photo diaries to come.

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