Streets of Moscow

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Dress: Abercrombie | Shoes: Superga | Watch: Michael Kors

Just in time for Throwback Thursday! These photos are proof that the streets of Moscow can outshine 10 Paris' and Londons. As much as I like the latter cities, almost 900 years of history, and the grandiosity of every street and every building outweigh the classiness of Paris and the vibrancy of London. If there is one word that describes this city perfectly, it's overwhelming - Overwhelmingly alluring, overwhelmingly vast, overwhelmingly intimidating, and of course, overwhelmingly loveable. I know, I sound like Drake preaching about Toronto, when he doesn't even live here anymore... But I promise Putin didn't pay me to write this. Although, I would've gladly accepted his charitable donations.

What you see here are pictures of a couple of my favourite streets - Old Arbat and Maroseika-Pokrovka. While Old Arbat is a popular spot for tourists, Maroseika-Pokrovka has been renovated recently, so mostly locals know about this gem of a place. If you're an admirer of classical architecture, this is where you need to be!

As for food, it's Chebureki or nothing! I had these delicious, deep-fried, meat-filled turnovers at least three or four times during my stay. Sovietskie Vremena (Soviet Times) is a an excellent Chebureki joint, especially for newbies. The soviet atmosphere enhances the experience. Another place I went to multiple times was a cafe called Shokoladnitsa, which used to be my favourite place to go as a teenager. Sweet, sweet God. The blintz, the eclairs, the shakes, the tea, the HOT CHOCOLATE - they all make up my wildest, sinful gastronomical dreams!

Hope you enjoyed! Still more photo diaries to come.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow

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Top: Abercrombie | Skirt: Thrifted | Sandals: Steve Madden | Watch: Michael Kors
The tallest Orthodox Christian church in the world is situated in my hometown, on the bank of the Moscow River. It's one of the most beautiful religious establishments, in my humble opinion. Then again, all Orthodox churches are - they are ornate to the nth degree, both, inside and out. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense that Orthodox Christians are firm in their beliefs. If you are able to pray at a palatial church every day, it's likely that you won't even question the existence of God. 

The Kremlin, the Red October factory, and Peter the Great monument (the ship) are all visible from the Patriarch Pedestrian Bridge, which connects the cathedral grounds with the other side of the river. And let me tell you, there's nothing more exhilarating than coming out of a cathedral with gold domes and seeing a few more churches with several more gold domes... Cause you know... I love gooooold! 

If all that gold, as well as my face, get too exhausting look at, feel free to gawk at the dishes from Moo-Moo, the Russian equivalent of McDonald's, or so they say. If the United States were to accept Moo-Moo as a fast food chain, there wouldn't be a single obese individual living in the land of the free, and home of the brave and heavy. With that said, I still love me some good ol' southern food, so long live 'Murrica!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. More photo diaries and blog posts to come!

VDNKh, Moscow

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Top: Promod | Vest: Jennyfer | Pants: Abercrombie | Shoes: Minnetonka | Watch: Michael Kors

VDNKh or the All-Russia Exhibition Centre is a place straight out of a Soviet textbook, glorifying communist ideology and promoting national unity. That's where I spent most of my childhood days. My parents used to own a business on its premises, so I roamed the pavilions, frequented exhibitions and went pony-back riding during the afternoons and weekends. That's where I discovered my love of art and need for creative outlets, as I was left in office rooms with papers, pens, crayons, and sometimes... Windows Paint. High tech, old school craftsmanship right thurr! What sets VDNKh apart from other Exhibition Centres around the globe is the dedication that was put into making the venue extremely ornate and extravagant - just like an overdressed Russian woman in six inch heels, dripping in diamonds, fur and foundation. It's fascinating to look at, to say the least. 

If you ever make your way to uptown Moscow, make sure to visit this place but don't waste your time and rubles on the actual exhibits. The site in itself is a sight to see. You can walk around for days on end and admire the pavilions dedicated to every former Soviet Republic, and gawk at the gold fountains - namely the "Stone Flower" fountain, which is based on a fairytale and the "People's Friendship" fountain, which is, no doubt, the magnum opus of the exhibition centre. My other favourites are the Ferris Wheel, the Cosmonautics Museum, the Space Pavilion, the space shuttle, and the old Aeroflot plane.

Considering my brain overflowed with thoughts of socialism that day, I opted for dinner at a popular Ukrainian Restaurant, called Korchma Taras Bulba. Despite the current political unrest and national resentment, Ukrainian cuisine will always be appreciated in these parts. It's simple-no-fuss but quite hearty, and sometimes, that's all your stomach needs. I ordered the lean Ukrainian Borsch, salmon with garlic potatoes, and Kvas, which is, traditionally, a Russian soft drink. Everything tasted more than adequate, the service was superb, and the decor - delightfully rustic Ukrainian. I recommend this place to anyone travelling to or living in Moscow, Kiev or New York, and are interested in trying authentic Ukrainian food.

Last but not least, my outfit details will not be left unmentioned. I'm certain I resembled a Samovar in the printed, floral top but if you haven't already noticed, I sometimes display my cultural affiliations via fashion. I added a denim vest to offset the girly look; a pair of the most comfortable black skinnies, and embroidered, suede moccasins.

I'll be back with more from this city, so stay alive!

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